Love & Hugs x

That’s my dad’s reflection in the glass!

It occurred to me last night that there might be people reading this, here or anywhere where faith is squashed, who might be in need of some encouragement from talks or podcasts.  I thought I would start posting ones I have found useful.  I haven’t got a wealth of material so recommendations about your favourites would be gratefully received!

This is a talk given by Charlie Mackesy.  You may have heard of him.  He’s as an astounding artist, previously a determined atheist, now an irreverently reverent man of faith, someone who expresses a deep love of God but not religion.  He communicates his view of God through art, humour and honesty.

We had one of his prints hanging in our sitting room when I was in my teens (above).  It was a picture of the prodigal son (Luke 15:11-32) being hugged by his father.  A representation of God hugging us.  I loved it.

A few years later, someone posted a card through my door with Charlie Mackesy’s ‘Prodigal Daughter’ on the front.  I already knew the parable was universal in its message and applies to us all.  And yet it was a profound moment when I saw the prodigal depicted as a woman.  For the first time, I could see with my eyes that the hug was meant for me too.  For each and every one of us.

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