A Bit About Me

This blog actually began its life as ‘The Eagles Nest’. Having paid for the domain name, pleased as punch, I set about building my site. The idea was to provide a sanctuary for people juggling too much, in need of rest from the chaos of life. I would offer a place of calm and peace. Only later that same day I discovered that ‘The Eagles Nest’ was also a teahouse built for Hitler. I heard the techies on the web hosting help desk breathe a sigh of relief (who would have thought starting a blog could be so confusing?) as I temporarily disappeared from the blogosphere to think of a new name.

I share this story because, in many ways, it sums up the pattern of my life- this unwanted knack I have for trying to achieve one thing and achieving the exact opposite. As a mum of three young children, a military wife and until recently, a lawyer, my life seems to be a constant stream of mishaps and dramas, some funny, some not so funny… Perhaps I am not the right person to be trying to offer others a rest!

But as calamitous as I might be, every now and then, when I get a quiet moment, I try to seek God in the mess of life. And so I remain determined to write my blog, for myself and for anyone else searching for some meaning in this crazy-busy, topsy-turvy world. You don’t need to be a parent, spouse or have a career to read it. You just need to be someone seeking God in the chaos of life, or someone who’s open to the search.